TabsMLplus uses as a base the TabsML XML definition developed by E-Tabs and OpenSurvey.

The funding for the first TabsML definition came from E-Tabs and OpenSurvey.

Individuals involved in this original work were Keith Hughes, Andrew Jeavons, Benjamin Rietti, Ed Ross and Mike Trotman.

The aim of TabsML was to provide a basic XML for cross tabulations as used in the market research industry.

TabsML v1.1

An XML representation of

survey research cross tabulations

Supported by:





DataLucid: Michael Trotman
E-tabs: Benjamin Rietti, Richard Teller
Merlinco: Keith Hughes

TabsML Downloads

Schema (.xml)

Schema Description (.doc)

Example Tables (.txt)

TabsML Example (.xml)

All in zip format (.zip)

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